2014 North Central Regional Classic Results

Click here to view the results from the cattle show and educational contests at the North Central Regional. Many thanks to the Kansas Junior Simmental Association and their coordinators, Marsha Stromgren and Jeff Houck for hosting. We hope to see you in Minnesota for the 2015 North Central Regional!

Overall Winners:

Junior Senior
1 Cale Hinrichsen KS 1 Shilo Schaake KS
2 Eva Hinrichsen KS 2 Kyle Stromgren KS
3 Kara Cloud MO 3 Shane Schaake KS
4 Sam Gleason KS 4 Briggs Peine MN
5 Beau Peine MN 5 Matthew Van Engen IA
6 Audrey Wilson MO 6 Taylor Goering KS
7 Logan Marple KS 7 Tanner Howey TX
8 Logan Sigmon AR 8 Jordan Cowger MO
9 Kennedy Early MO 9 Tyler Long IA
10 Martha Moenning MN 10 Layna Bond IL

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