2015 AJSA National Classic Show Day 1 Results

Champion – Blair Vohs, KS
Reserve – Max Kaplan, MO
Third Overall – Kylee Sigmon, AR
Fourth Overall – Shelby Greiman, IA
Fifth Overall – Jessica Crawford, TX

Percentage Cow/Calf Pairs:
Champion – Brooklyn Burden, OK
Reserve – Tucker Sawatzky, OK

Purebred Cow/Calf Pairs:
Champion – Morgan Phillips, KY
Reserve – Aubree Blizzard, TX
Third Overall – Sydney Maulsby, TX
Fourth Overall – Katy Berry, TX
Fifth Overall – Mackenzie Powell, TX

Simbrah Cow/Calf Pairs:
Champion – Cassidy Fuchs, TX
Reserve – Carolyn Perry, TX
Third Overall – Trevor Jenkins, TX

Fullblood Heifers:
Champion  – Faith Onstot, TX
Reserve  – Kylie Matticks, TX
Third Overall  – Tracie Matticks, TX

Bred and Owned Percentage Heifers:
Champion – Tanner Howey, TX
Reserve – AK Phillips, KY
Third Overall – Braelyn Berlowitz, OK
Fourth Overall – Lauren Trauernicht, NE
Fifth Overall – Grace Greiman, IA
Sixth Overall – Emilee Graves, KY
Seventh Overall – Emma Vickland, CO
Eighth Overall – Shelby Ison, IN
Ninth Overall – Michaela Clowser, NE
Tenth Overall – Jordan Cowger, MO
Eleventh Overall – Morgan Phillips, KY
Twelfth Overall – Michaela Clowser, NE
Thirteenth Overall – Brooklyn Burden, OK
Fourteenth Overall – Madellyn Beins, UT
Fifteenth Overall – Justin Willard, MO
Sixteenth Overall – Wyatt Jackson, TX
Seventeenth Overall – Rachel Callison, MO
Eighteenth Overall – Brooklyn Willis, OK
Nineteenth Overall – Kade Bowen, OK

Percentage Heifers:
Champion – Maddy Udell, IA
Reserve – Ali Muir, OH
Third Overall – Tanner Howey, TX
Fourth Overall – Morgan Stephens, KY
Fifth Overall – Syann Foster, TX
Sixth Overall – Kiersten Jass, IA
Seventh Overall – Matthew Ky Teeter, TX
Eighth Overall – Macy Favorite, TN
Ninth Overall – Aubree Blissard, TX
Tenth Overall – Stewart Skiles, TX
Eleventh Overall – Payton Meuth, TX
Twelfth Overall – AK Phillips, KY
Thirteenth Overall – Shannon White, OK
Fourteenth Overall – Trent Ray, IL
Fifteenth Overall – Taylor Goering, KS
Sixteenth Overall – Britney Beins, UT
Seventeenth Overall – Ty Courtney, OK
Eighteenth Overall – Whitney Walker, AR
Nineteenth Overall – Tanner Howey, TX
Twentieth Overall – Brecken Shipmen, TX

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