2015 AJSA National Classic Show Day 2

Bred and Owned Simbrah Heifers:
Champion – Dulcie Fields, TX
Reserve – Dulcie Fields, TX
Third Overall – Callie Henly, TX
Fourth Overall – Leroy Stavinoha III, TX
Fifth Overall – Josh Evans, TX
Sixth Overall – Lorelai Hill, TX
Seventh Overall – Brody Hill, TX
Eighth Overall – Lamar Clanton, MS
Ninth Overall – Micah Perry, TX

Simbrah Heifers:
Champion – Caleb Fuchs, TX
Reserve – Dulcie Fields, TX
Third Overall – Gage Spence, TX
Fourth Overall – Miranda Skaggs, TX
Fifth Overall – Carolyn Perry, TX
Sixth Overall – Dulcie Fields, TX
Seventh Overall – Caleb Fuchs, TX
Eighth Overall – Anna Sweat, AR
Ninth Overall – Ryleigh Whitaker, TX
Tenth Overall – Carlye Rodenbeck, TX
Eleventh Overall – Lorelai Hill, TX
Twelfth Overall – Tucker Tanner, TX
Thirteenth Overall – Tyler Denny, TX
Fourteenth Overall – Megan Rogers, TX
Fifteenth Overall – McClaine Pawelek
Sixteenth Overall – Zachary Mills, TX
Seventeenth Overall – Brody Hill, TX
Eighteenth Overall – Mackenzie Groce, TX
Nineteenth Overall – Mackenzie Groce, TX
Twentieth Overall – Leroy Stavinoha III, TX

Bred and Owned Purebred Heifers:
Champion – SyAnn Foster, TX
Reserve – Ethan Wood, TX
Third Overall – Britney Beins, UT
Fourth Overall – Dulcie Fields, TX
Fifth Overall – Emilee Graves, KY
Sixth Overall – Kaylie Huizenga, IL
Seventh Overall – Rebekah Callison, MO
Eighth Overall – Trey Tillman, TX
Ninth Overall – Tyler Drach, IL
Tenth Overall – Kylee Sigman, AR
Eleventh Overall – Tyler Louden, IA
Twelfth Overall – Luke Herr, IN
Thirteenth Overall – Colton Franks, TX
Fourteenth Overall – Max Kaplan, MO
Fifteenth Overall – Ashley Bailey, MO
Sixteenth Overall – Andrew Puchbauer, MO
Seventeenth Overall – Perri McGill, OK
Eighteenth Overall – Madellyn Beins, UT
Nineteenth Overall – Sammi Long, IA
Twentieth Overall – Zach Wilson, WA

Purebred Heifers:
Champion – Jake Bloomberg, IL
Reserve – Maddy Udell, IA
Third Overall – Bella Swain, KY
Fourth Overall – SyAnn Foster, TX
Fifth Overall – Carli Henderson, IA
Sixth Overall – Tanner Howey, TX
Seventh Overall – Cole Clanton, KS
Eighth Overall – Emma Vickland, CO
Ninth Overall – Caitlyn Skiles, TX
Tenth Overall – Trent Ray, IL
Eleventh Overall – Kiersten Jass, IA
Twelfth Overall – Lily Swain, KY
Thirteenth Overall – Ethan Wood, TX
Fourteenth Overall – Ethan Wood, TX
Fifteenth Overall – Kydie Jo Smith, OK
Sixteenth Overall – Trey Tillman, TX
Seventeenth Overall – Bennett Walther, IN
Eighteenth Overall – Brionna Warren, TX
Nineteenth Overall – Justin Willard, MO
Twentieth Overall – Lillie Skiles, TX

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